Website Content Strategy & Lead Content Development

Impact Makers

The old website was dying, like 404’s-all-the-time dying. This meant the new website needed to happen fast, like 3-months fast. Jon was tapped to oversee content strategy and content development for the entire site.

In short order, Jon took initiative to create a codified Website Content Strategy, which included Personas, a Creative Style Guide, and a Messaging Strategy. On this bedrock of strategy, Jon personally wrote the majority of the new website, with the help of some amazing colleagues who offered their services to the content team.

This (lightning speed) labor of love went live on March 14, 2017.

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Thought Leadership Content

Impact Makers

Doubling as a Content Strategist & Social Media Manager at Impact Makers, Jon is not only overseeing creative, he’s writing it.

ImConnect is a “Find a Doctor” search platform for hospital websites. Jon has been chief copywriter and content strategist for the ImConnect thought leadership blog, as well as all ImConnect website copy, and two healthcare eBooks.

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Social Advertising Campaigns

Inbound marketing for a new product requires testing, and social media channels like Facebook are cheap and effective ways to test your messages with your targeted audience. Jon and Team A/B tested six messaging hypotheses and three came out on top.