Short Fiction Accolades

It’s not every day Jon enters a short fiction contest, but when he does, he writes himself into it as an indictment on himself as a less than stellar husband. And he wins 1st place. People like jerk Jon.

Are You Sad About the Cow? received 1st place in the NYC Midnight 2016 Flash Fiction Competition.

Writing Prompt: Drama, Vegan Restaurant, Coffin.

48 Hours. 1,000 Words. 1st Place.

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Are You Sad About the Cow – Short Story

Screenwriting Accolades

Jon writes what he knows, as the saying goes, and what he knows is a post-apocalyptic world where he is stuck with his feisty, cane-wielding mother. And he wins 3rd place. People like Jon’s feisty mother.

Train to Canaan achieved 3rd place in the NYC Midnight 2016 Screenwriting Competition.

Writing Prompt: Thriller, Extinction, Computer Programmer.

7 Days. 12 Pages. 3rd place.

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5_Train to Canaan

Nerd Fame

The two worst nights of sleep Jon experienced in the last 5 years were 1) the night after he saw Man of Steel, and 2) the night after he saw Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Why? Because he loves Superman so much he can’t handle Zack Snyder’s depressing rebrand.

Jon poured his pain into a blog piece, pleading with Zack Snyder to fix what he broke. Jon struck a nerve and wounded nerds everywhere wept alongside him.

Blog views in 1 Day: 11,000

Reddit comments in 1 Day: 241

Taking Zack Snyder to Nolan & Abrams University: 3 easy fixes that would make Batman v Superman a great film

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Washington R-Words Reporter

I’m telling you, Jon really gets off on pain: he’s a huge Redskins fan.

For two straight years, Jon foolishly funneled that cross he bears into a satire column for RVA Mag (it didn’t make him feel better).

Jon is known as the Washington R-Words reporter, not because he thinks the name is racist, but because he believes they are an evil, metaphysical force out to cause fans pain. And muttering their name gives them (or “it”) power.

One of Jon’s pieces can be found on as a Kindle e-Book. Jon will even waive the $0.99 if you ask very angrily.

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